Visual Snapshot

Greenbase Visual Snapshot

The Greenbase visual snapshot was designed to help people new and experienced in the climate change space visualize what's happening. This is a special view into the Greenbase database which lays out all of the organizations we're tracking onto a 2-dimensional chart where the area of focus ("Energy", "Adaptation", etc.) are on one axis and the type of organization ("Government", "Private Company", etc.) are on the other axis. We did this to help ourselves answer the following questions:

  • How do I start thinking about structuring my own analysis of climate change? What are some axes I can use to find opportunities?
  • What is already being tackled effectively in the climate change space?
  • Where is investment gravely needed to help move the needle forward?
  • With whom should I/my organization be coordinating? Who is in the same focus-area but perhaps attacking it from a different perspective? Who are my "competitors"? Who is in an adjacent focus area from whom I could learn?
  • What's happening in my area of focus? What are the hot topics?

We don't believe the snapshot answers all of these questions, and we also don't believe the snapshot has captured the only or even the "best" way of laying out the space. We do believe that this type of organization can help spurn thought, can help drive innovation and can challenge us to invest more and invest more intelligently into the single most critical challenge facing our generation.

We at Greenbase believe that people are inherently good and that people want to help, but they don't know how. They don't know where to donate with maximal impact. They don't know what organization to support. They don't know where they can volunteer. Our hope is that we've taken a first step in helping to make sense of a complex, multi-displinary space and that furthermore our innovations help spurn you to take the next steps.

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