Climate Change: Why you? Why now?

Climate Change: A Generational Cause

Without a doubt, climate change is the biggest issue facing humanity today. According to President Barack Obama, "no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations." Unless we take immediate action, we will be confronted with rapid transformation of the air, lands and water we all depend on for survival—leaving our children and grandchildren vulnerable to extreme conditions potentially unsustainable for human life.

Tackling climate change requires coordination across a multitude of organizations, public and private. However, for most, climate change represents a broad challenge with very little visibility into those orchestrating solutions to secure our survival.

Bringing Awareness to the Fight Against Climate Change

Greenbase Snapshot

In partnership with businesses, academia, organizations public and private, and YOU, we're committed to deciphering the climate change landscape so that we all know who's doing what. In response, we've created the Greenbase Snapshot which offers a dynamic visualization of key organizations in the climate change ecosystem—each playing an important part in reducing our environmental footprint. With you're help, we're taking what was once a confusing landscape and translating it into a comprehensive organizational map with clearly defined sectors and market participants.

As this is a living, crowd-sourced tool, we encourage you to contribute by adding any organizations we may have missed.